Kristi Murry

Cell Phone Photo Diary

Thought I would catch you friends up with our lives by commenting on the latest pictures in my cell phone.  Here we go…

Goodbye Camry!

We sold the 1997 Camry in late February. She was a good one! At last count, the mileage was over 264,000. That car covered a lot of miles in the Southeast United States. I prayed she would make it across country to Kansas. Was so surprised the wheels didn’t fall off when we pulled into the driveway. Whoop! No one can ever say Kristi Murry doesn’t get her money’s worth out of a vehicle. Haven’t paid a car note since 2001-BOOM!


So…we decided to stick with Toyota because Toyota has been good to us!


Then I drove it carefully and happily for 1300 miles. Until….I was running errands the Saturday before Easter. Our church was having an Egg Hunt in a nearby park. I never saw the curb…


Two tires down. Bummer. Again. Those two had a good 1300 miles on them. Yep. Yay for the “first” damage to the new car. You fear it. You dread it. You don’t want to be the one to do it. Then, there is relief that “it is done”.

I stopped to take some pictures of the beautiful tulips blooming all over town.


These actually bloomed in the yard of our rental house…


Somebody had a birthday…


We shared our first communion time together as a church…


Because we were having a baptism at church, a portable baptistery was purchased. Guess who got to make sure it worked on their back patio a few days before?


We might need to “test” it out again. Not sure if it worked properly. 🙂 Bring your bathing suits and come on over!

This fella is always funny to me.


When Mom and Dad were here, we FaceTimed with Emily. She chatted while she ate her pizza. Silly!

IMG_4139 IMG_4131

We started house hunting and found this sign.Totally cracked me up.


Andy has looked at tons of houses in our house hunt during the day when I was at work. Some were cute, some were crazy, and some were terrible. Here are some pics from two of the most memorable…

Spiral staircase just inside the front door.


This one had a ceiling fan just over the front door..


and devil door knockers…


and cat towels…


and doves on the ceiling above the master shower..


and needlepoint featuring horses and chickens.


Here is a close up, just in case you need it..



Then I saved this recipe that I saw several people post on FB…from the Point of Grace website. Remember them? Looks delish…


Andy and I fell into tastebud love with these delightful things from Priester’s Pecans. Thank you Terrific Tami and Spectacular Scott Lenning for introducing us to them! YUM!


Well…these pictures just about sum up our last few months. Hope your spring has sprung and you are all doing well! Let us know what you are up to these days! We love you people!!


McDreamy died. What the what? Can’t believe I am still vested after all these years. Why?

images-1 Unknown images

Oh, yeah. Forgot. 🙂


What’s Up?

Hope you all are having a wonderful December! We have been enjoying our days here in KC. Let’s catch up…

Max Murry 

First of all, this fella turned nine in November…


If you have known us for very long, you know Max. He was a surprise Christmas present to Andy in 2005, thanks to a little help from the terrific Debbie Truesdale, BG & Sue, and my brother Greg. Max is Debbie’s grand-dog. (Caesar Truesdale, Max’s dad, turned 10 in November.) BG drove a few hours to meet Debbie and me a few days before Christmas to retrieve the pup, and Mom, Dad, and Greg cared for him and hid him from Andy when we arrived. Such fun! Granny, Neecie, and Amy were all there to share in the fun that Christmas. Great memories. Many a friend has been sniffed and tackled and loved on by Max.  Some of his favorites over the years were Mindy, Liz, Lacy, Lindsay, Savannah, Abbie, Mary Grace, Rebekah, Katie, and Martha. Here are a few fun shots of our friend, Max:



I have started searching for memes lately. Thanks to Julie Ammons for putting the idea into my head. Been Googling whatever words I want + meme. Oh, the belly laughs!  Here are a few of my faves related to ….



Cracks me up because you know you have seen people do it!




I have totally seen this done.


Cracking me up.


Or his wife. Did we tell you about the time Andy fell asleep at the wheel after he turned into our neighborhood and ran over a neighbor’s mailbox at 7 am following a lock-in? My direct quote after I saw the damage to the 4-runner was “I HATE lock-ins!”  Not very Jesus-like. 🙂



Speech-Language Pathologist Humor



First year in Alabama in the schools- I was TOTALLY in a closet!


Ole Miss:



Home for the Holiday

We were so blessed to be able to take off for a couple of days to drive to Memphis/Desoto County for Thanksgiving. Family, fun, food, football. Ahh! We got it all!

Here are some of our favorite pics:


Fun at Pop’s and Granny’s

IMG_0503  IMG_0498

Before Andy and Pop headed to Oxford for the big win!



Early birds at Sam’s and Chick-fil-a.


Beautiful day for a win! BG met Danica Patrick, had his picture in the Clarion-Ledger, and kissed the Golden Egg.

photo 1 photo 2


If you ever have an opportunity to go to Rebel Alley at the end of the Walk of Champions at Ole Miss, you will find the fun. The moshing, the jumping, the crazy. That’s where our people are.

Here is BG trying to catch an airborne linebacker:


One of my favorite things to eat is not available everywhere. In fact, we couldn’t buy it when we lived in Texas or Alabama. So, Sweet Sue and BG have this waiting on us when we get to Desoto County. All of my high school friends know what I am talking about!

IMG_3710 IMG_3709


Found this when I got home. It was in my shoe/boot bag. Evidently a three-year old miner threw it in there when he was finished playing. He was last seen running around the house turning off lights in every room so his head-lamp flashlight would work.


Christmas Season so far in KC


We hit the Crown Center last night with Courtney and Cody and had a ball! The lights were awesome, and the fireworks show was synchronized with music from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

IMG_0553 IMG_0552

IMG_0544  IMG_3732 IMG_3727

We enjoyed walking around inside and looking at chocolate. There were turtles as big as my face!

IMG_3730 IMG_3729 IMG_3728

Then we walked over the sky bridge to the beautiful Union Station. A portion of the station was closed for a private party, but we still enjoyed the decorations. Gah-geous, darling!

IMG_3741 IMG_3740 IMG_0555 IMG_3739 IMG_3738IMG_3735


We look forward to the days ahead and a new year. We love and miss your faces, and we would love to hear how your year has been.

Several of you have already sent us photo Christmas cards, which we L-O-V-E! I keep them in a box with my Christmas decorations so I can look to see how you have changed since the previous year.

Praying your December is filled with love and joy and family. Jesus is the reason for it all!

Love, love, love!



DONUT Run or DO NOT Run….Same Difference!

I like donuts.  More than I should.  Now, I only like a Krispy Kreme in person, at the store, HOT. Not a big fan of them from a fundraiser box or from a grocery store shelf.


However, my favorites are the yeasty, tasty kind from a smaller, local place.  Thornton’s in Memphis.  Donut Joe’s in Pelham.


So…I have been on the hunt since I arrived in KC.  Terri, a new gal I met, told me that Fluffy Fresh…(adore the name, my salivary glands are juicing at the thought)  was the best in town. I laughed at the name at first.

Then I started to do some research. I even used Yelp to help (see that?) me find places to visit.

It all started at a Vertical Community gathering on Thursday, July 3rd. A plan was set in motion. Courtney and Cody (some precious, new friends) and Andy and I would meet at Fluffy Fresh on Saturday, July 12 at 6 am for donuts. We had to skip July 5 because C and C were going to be out of town, and we were not sure if they would be open on a holiday weekend.

Why 6 AM?  Because Yelp reviewers informed us that if you get there at 6:30 am, the best donuts are gone. The selection is slim, so “GET THERE EARLY”, Yelp said.

So, I had a little, happy anticipation in my belly all week long. MTWTF. Set the alarm for 5:20 AM. Slept. Woke up 15 minutes earlier than the alarm because I WAS EXCITED!! Put on mascara. Got Andy up.  Arrived at Fluffy Fresh 20 minutes away and found this…

photo 2

Whaaaattttt??? Whhhhyyyyyyy???

Then Cody and Courtney showed up…in fact, they walked from their house.  They live so close that they could do that.

We shared a sad moment. There was no explanation given for why they were closed.

photo 1

My phone said this:

photo 3

I thought I would have a least one donut hole in my belly by 6:06 AM. What to do?  Well, it just so happens that we drove by another donut shop on the way to Fluffy Fresh. One block away.

So Cody and Courtney and Andy and I walked down the street. I DO NOT RUN.  Occasionally I jog. Anyway, we popped into LaMar’s Donuts. They were open!!

photo 1


photo 2

A few minutes later, and we were all smiles.

photo 2photo 1

Aren’t they darling?

Well, C and C invited Andy and me (so much rhyming) over to their house to eat and drink milk and OJ. So off we went.

Courtney pulled out a cute tray for our donut haul.

photo 3

Andy and I shared donut holes (B+), red velvet (C), maple (C-), chocolate glazed (A), and blueberry cake (A-).

Note- We did not eat ALL of that in one sitting. Each couple had leftovers after tasting most everything.

C & C had that long thing, a cruller, and a SNICKERS donut. What the what? I did not ask them for their grades, but everyone seemed satisfied. Courtney even did a back flip on her trampoline after eating her donuts.

All in all, the day was saved. Early birds missed the preferred donuts, but we ended up having fun.

When we get some Fluffy Fresh, I will let you know. Not sure if I wanna get up that early this Saturday.

Remember: WALK.  Do Not Run on a Donut Run.  Go walking or jogging AFTER you eat donuts because they will make you chubby.

Love you people!

Send donuts!

Just kidding.


My New Boyfriend’s Name is Russell.

Did you know that Russell Stover was born in Kansas?? Well, you do now!  He later moved to Iowa with his family, studied chemistry, and became a candy salesman. After a few failures in business, he met up with a guy named Christian Nelson. Well…those two fellas developed the ESKIMO PIE!!! Brilliant!

images-1 Unknown

Who doesn’t love Eskimo Pie???

After the success of that gem, Russ and his wife moved to Colorado and opened a candy company out of their home. Later on, they moved their headquarters to Kansas City. No wonder I keep seeing his name everywhere. Russell died in 1954, but what a legacy!

Here is a picture of good ol’ Russ…in a “chocolate brown” suit, no doubt.


So, because I had some thank-you packages to mail to some folks back in Alabama and Mississippi, I decided to add some fun things from Kansas.  Since he made such an impact in this state, I ventured out to one of Russell’s places.  This is what I found….

photo 8

You can buy candy and ice cream and other yummy-ness.  There are free samples all around the store…like full-size pieces of candy samples.

photo 10

HUGE hearts leftover from Valentine’s Day.

photo 7 photo 9

There was a large section in the back full of OOPS candies and almost out of date to out of date candy. Easter and Valentine’s goodies galore.

photo 4

There was plenty of fresh candy…you can even purchase some with your favorite mascot on each piece.  Needless to say, there were no Rebels or Black Bears anywhere in the joint.

photo 6

There were displays of dipped apples and fudge and truffles, oh my!

photo 1

My motto. Learned it from my grandaddy. He lived a good, full life.

photo 2

This was my haul. Of course, I joined the frequent buyers club that gives you discounts, because I plan to return.  Got a free box of candy.  The above pictured goodness will be going out in the mail to some peeps soon.  Hope they have as much fun eating as I did shopping. We are also going to a neighborhood gathering tonight. I am considering sharing, but I am not sure yet.

So, just wanted to let you in on a little education about Kansas and chocolate and ice cream. Don’t you love to learn new things?

Come see me, and I will take you to visit my boyfriend’s place. Wink.

Andy will come, too! He is a Russ fan, believe me.





The house sold. The movers came. Andy is in KC now.  Wow!  Here are some shots from the beginning of the new adventure…

photo 1       photo 2

Thanks so much to Theresa McMichen for helping us sell the house!  At this point, we are DEBT-FREE (shouting to Dave Ramsey), but HOMELESS!

photo 3 (1)photo 4photo 3

Max was SUCH a big help to the movers (written with sarcasm).

photo 1 (3)photo 2 (2)

We spent our last night in the Alabama house. Max took my spot!

photo 2 (4) photo 3 (3) photo 1 (5)

As Andy and I were finishing up cleaning out the garage and the rest of our belongings, Max paced and watched. He finally climbed in Andy’s vehicle to make sure he wouldn’t be left behind. He slept in there for a good hour before they pulled out!

photo 5

Bye boys!!

photo 1 (2)photo 2 (1)photo 1 (1)

Andy and Max drove to Southaven to stay with BG and Mama Sue. Passed through Memphis and Arkansas.


Max and Andy stayed with Blake and Mindy for a few days…


Then Max dug out of their fence while everyone was gone, injured his front legs, sat on the front porch until they returned, came in after being hosed off, and recuperated on the floor from the whole event.


Blake and Andy tried to prevent a second dig-out, but somebody still tried!

Meanwhile in Alabama….

photo 1 (4) photo 2 (3) photo 4 (1)

I hit an eroded portion of Oak Mtn State Park road and wound up with 2 (TWO) flat tires. A sweet grandpa and a Pelham police officer came to my rescue. The tow truck arrived just as it was starting to rain.  So thankful to my Lord for his protection.  I have four new tires for my trip to Kansas.

Andy is now the proud renter of a house in Lenexa, KS.  He is doing his best to unpack, take care of Mighty Max, and start to work with Blake for Vertical Church. Those Finufs have certainly taken care of him as he moved, and we are so thankful for Blake, Mindy, Shelly, and Bob. He spent more than a few nights with them as the rental house did not have the fence repaired until yesterday, Max is being a Nervous Nellie trying to adjust to his new home, and the air conditioning went out. There were a few other family things and struggles that were challenges all in the course of a couple of days. Can you say, A-TT-A-CK, Attack, Attack, Attack?  Thankfully, we called upon some faithful prayer warriors who helped shoulder the burden.  Thank you, SuperFriends!

Well, that is it for our photo diary of the last two weeks.

One more thing….I came across this crazy balloon in Publix. At first, it startled me. I thought it was a person.  Whatcha think??

photo 1 (6)photo 2 (5)

Love you bunches! Let me know how you are doing.



Well, we have officially shared our plans with the world now – via Facebook.  We hope you will come along with us as we learn about a new city (to us) in a different part of the country.  These 2 1/2 Southerners (I think that word deserves capitalization) are about to bebop ourselves into the Midwest.  “Sweet Tea meets ______________” – don’t know what yet. 🙂

Trusting that “the rest of our lives can be the best of our lives”.  I like that little quote.  We are not dead yet.  Ha!

Our God is good, and we trust Him.  May we reflect it daily to those who don’t know about Him yet.

Here are my possible emotions in the next few weeks….just in case I run into you or talk to you.  Beware. Excited Kitty th th-1

There may be some freak-outs at all we must accomplish, then some sadness at saying farewell to precious friends, followed by sheer exhaustion.

However, in a couple of months….I hope to be doing this…


Hope your Spring is marvelous! God’s beauty is about to burst forth all over.

Love you bunches!




Here is my little corner of the blog….

**SPOILER ALERT- there are pictures below to hold your interest if you get bored with the text.  Just scroll down and see! 🙂 **

So, let’s talk about this whole blogging thing.  The idea has been tossed around with a few friends of mine over the past few years. What to blog about…who would EVEN care what I had to say (Chandler Bing’s emphasis)….how do you avoid egocentricity and overt self-promotion…blah, blah, blah. Well, now that Andy and I are on this new adventure and are moving away from so many people we love, it looks like the blog thing can be beneficial.

Over the summer, I took the Five Fold spiritual gifts inventory.  My highest score was in evangelism. Whaaaaat? (said a minion) Anyway, the Lord helped me see that I love to share good things with my friends. Of course, the BEST thing I can tell you about is Jesus. He really is the greatest. So many of you know Him, and I am so glad. Hopefully, He and our good Heavenly Father will be honored here.

Truly, in my daily life, if I like something, I immediately think of friends who need to know about it. If I haven’t talked to you about Streams in the Desert, a Beth Moore study, a new recipe, a blog, a TV show, a worship song, etc., that you need to check out, just give me a minute. I will.

So, on this blog, we want to have fun! I read blogs for information and inspiration and encouragement.  Hopefully, you will know something new and valuable when you leave.

Anyway…here are some things I believe are worth sharing…

This s one of my favorite recipes of the past year.  Hope you love it!  So easy to make and so easy to eat. I have made this recipe at least 6 times in the past 6 months. Shout out to Kristi Ketner for sharing with me. This recipe came from Urban Cookhouse in B’ham. Delish.

Brown Sugar Brownies  

2 1/4 cups brown sugar

2 1/2 cups self-rising flour

2 sticks butter, softened

3 eggs

2 cups chocolate chips

Mix. Bake in greased 13×9 pan at 275* for 1 hour. Make take a few more minutes to set.


 Favorite new TV series: Sherlock by the BBC- AWESOME! Andy and I are both hooked. Gotta wait a year or so for the next season..sheesh!


Favorite new thing that could be more than a hobby:  Young Living Essential Oils

Andy and I are still learning a lot about these, but we are trying weekly to cure what ails us.  Headaches, sore muscles, plantar fasciitis, and the list goes on.  These things rock!


Favorite book my friend let me look at, but I haven’t bought yet….Living Balanced.  This book rocks.  Detoxing your life. Chapters include health information on hot dogs, sodas, milks, how do you doo…..good grief.  Love!

living balanced

Favorite recent fiction books~ Divergent and Insurgent. Am waiting on Allegiant. So good, if you like the Hunger Games series.


Favorite new drinks at the Murry house

Cocktail= orange juice + cranberry pomegranate juice- you must drink it in a small glass with a straw and paper umbrella.


Gingerale + one drop Orange YL essential oil – so good!


Well, guess that is enough for now. Let me know if you like what I like. Love you bunches!


3 thoughts on “Kristi Murry

  1. First of all I miss yall so much and continue to send so much love and appreciation for yall.
    I am so excited to learn of the new chapter in your lives. I think your blog is awesome. It makes me smile!
    I hope you, Andy, and Max-aronni have so much fun in Kansas. I have a place for yall to come visit whenever yall wanna come all the way up to Washington. Take care and God Bless.
    I love yall very much!

    1. And we love you back!! The Ainsworth/Murphys are on my Thursday prayer list, so I prayed for you this morning on the way to work! Yes, we are all about road trips and visiting different places. We will be half-way to ya’!

      Ha! The po-po was just as kind and caring as Randy, too! Love you, sister!

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