About Us


We met in college while attending The University of Memphis. Both of us were very involved with the baptist student ministry on campus. We were married in 1995 and immediately moved to Ft. Worth, TX where Andy completed his MDiv at SWBTS and Kristi began her career as a Speech-Language Pathologist.

Following seminary, we moved to Collinsville, MS where Andy served as an Associate Pastor and Student Minister in a church for over nine years. Following our time in MS, we moved to Birmingham, AL where Andy served on staff as a middle school student pastor for seven years.

While on staff at a church in Birmingham, Andy met Blake Finuf. Blake came on staff as the high school student pastor and together, they gave leadership to the overall student ministry for three years.

The Murrys and the Finufs (Blake and his wife, Mindy) became great friends and eventually as God grew the dream of planting a church within Blake and Mindy, Andy (who at this point had also dreamed of being a part of a church start) and Kristi were invited to join them in 2014!

So, during 2013 we prepared to sell our home in Birmingham, AL and make plans to move west to Kansas City, KS. We arrived on the scene with our eight year old dog (Yellow Lab named, Max) in April of 2014 and immediately began preparing for preview services for later that year.



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