Summer Lovin’- Had Me a Blast

Can it really be September…of 2018? Girl.

Andy and I have survived our first summer here in the AZ. Triple digit temperatures, two scorpions, monsoon season, thunderous storms, rainbows, and humidity.  This was the first time since 2014 that I have worked in the school system, so I had a break this summer…and squeezed out as much fun as I could. Whoop!

While I LOVED my job at Children’s Mercy in KS and all the opportunity for professional growth and collaboration with other SLPs it offered, I had become accustomed to being wild and free in June and July when we lived in Alabama. Pros and cons, pros and cons – being an SLP in the school vs the medical setting. Each placement has its benefits and drawbacks. I have been blessed to experience both. This summer, I was certainly digging my free time. Lots of time to explore, and we were so thankful friends and family came to do that with us. Feel free to browse the photos below; they may make you want to come for a visit!

Since there has been no blogging since March, I thought we could catch up a bit. Lots of pics to keep your interest. 🙂


As soon as school was out, our dear friends Cody and Courtney came from KC to visit. We have loved CoCo from the start. Friends who meet you at 6 am on Saturday for donuts are friends, indeed.



Time with Coco in KC included various adventures, which always involved some type of food. We even formed a little dinner group with these cuties and Jenny and John. We miss the SoBoMu supper club and exploring restaurants in the KC. Sad, crying face.  I can’t believe we don’t have a photo of the 6 of us together- too busy chewing, I guess.



Well, we showed CoCo around Sahuarita and picked oranges from our backyard.


Then we took them to Nogales, Mexico for the day. After a one hour wait at the border, we were allowed to re-enter the good ol’ USA.



These two were able to join us for church on Sunday before heading out. Just like old times-worshiping together. Can’t wait for their next visit!



The next week, I hopped on a jet plane to Memphis to visit the parentals and had a great week. Lahoma and Karen came to see me, and we visited with Jay, Ashley, and their littles. We ate and shopped and caught up- I guess we were too busy to take many photos. Ashley did take one of little boyfriend and me through the glass in the Play Place at Chick-fil-a:


While in Olive Branch, we enjoyed some Chicken Salad Chick, oh, how I wish we had one in AZ.

When I returned, Andy headed to Cali for camp with some ‘youts’ and adults from church. The next week was VBS, and the theme was “Shipwrecked”.  Here are two of my favorite songs from that week:

Never Let Go of Me

Won’t Worry ‘Bout A Thing

Then….at the very end of June, Kristyna and Amanda came to see us from KC and stayed into July! We love these peeps. They were part of the Murry Vertical Community, and they are like family.

We explored Old Tucson, the Saguaro National Forest, Kitt Peak Observatory, and Nogales, Mexico.






On Independence Day, I drove these lovelies back to Phoenix to catch a plane. I think we left around 4 am or so. Caught the sunrise, and dropped Kristyna off at one airport. Amanda’s flight was across town at the other airport, and we had time to catch breakfast at Snooze. Pancake flights and breakfast tacos = new tradition for the 4th!



A few days later, Mama Sue and BG came to town. This is what happened when they came to see us in KC…



The four of us packed as much fun in as we could….ASARCO Mine Tour, San Xavier Mission, Gates Pass, eegee’s, Pima Air and Space Museum, Aircraft Boneyard, Madera Canyon, Titan Missile Museum, Tubac, Kitt Peak National Observatory and Tombstone. We had some beautiful days and a few rainy ones. In fact, the lightning kept us from being able to fully view the missile silo from the topside.








We couldn’t fit everything in we had on the list, so Mom and Dad will just have to come back and see us.

Sunrises and sunsets here are still the most beautiful I have ever seen. Here are a few I captured this summer…




Nature in the ‘hood …the blooms are beautiful.




Ang and I ended up having  a little bit of staycation as our trip to San Diego didn’t work out after Max hurt his leg- he’s all better now. We ate at all the breakfast places, drove up to Mt. Lemmon, and traveled to Bisbee. It was a feast for the eyes and tummy.




We went to the local Chocolate Iguana, and Andy tried their signature drink=Mocha + Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream + chocolate syrup + whipped cream.



Back to School for Kristi!


Andy and I celebrated 23 years of Mawwaige at the Arizona Inn. We were stuffed!


On a happy Saturday in August, I hosted a “Get To Know You Better” Brunch for some of the new ladies I have met.  Frou-frou food is my love language.


As I was preparing for the brunch, I remembered this little favorite from back in the Mississippi brunching days.  I think my new Arizona friends liked it.

Southern Coffee Punch


That’s one way to have ice cream for breakfast.

I am still learning Español. I can now order a fish burger, buy a green skirt, and ask you if you are a doctor. Day 98 and counting on Duolingo!


After the nail technician scolded me in broken English for my rough heels, I bought this miracle tool upon the advice of my new Arizona friend, Laura:



Post Pedi Purchase

Maybe no one will shame me when I return for a salon pedicure as I am now “maintaining” my heels in between visits.

Hey, if you are still there…thanks for hanging around! Hope you learned something new or decided you need to come see the Murrys in the AZ!! We are thankful for you friends and family, and we love you.

Please let us know what you did this summer! We love hearing from you!

Okay, I am a little concerned about Fall here in the Southwest. It is my FAVORITE of all the seasons,, but it is going to be HOT. Will I wear a scarf and boots and just sweat it out? Will I wear sandals into November? Will I drink hot chocolate or hot cider while sitting in front of a fan? Will my feet still be happy after being exposed to the dry, desert air for so many months? Stay tuned.


**Little known facts: People sneezing makes me laugh. People falling down makes Andy Pandy laugh. Keep your balance when in his presence. Just sayin’.



2 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’- Had Me a Blast

  1. Okay. Good year for me. Fell on cruise in March, heart attack in May. Now shingles. Please don’t laugh Andy. You will have to visit me in the hospital. Lol. Love you guys and so glad you are here with us.

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