Fun Foods, Alabamians in KC, Puppy Therapy, and Elvis

Latest, Greatest Recipes

What is up, friends?? Andy and I are still hanging out here in Kansas. Our March was mad with activity, and April is holding its own. Thought we would share some of the food that has gotten us through. These recipes are keepers in the Murry household:


White Chocolate Raspberry Scones


M & M Bars


Strawberry White Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies


Scrambled Egg Muffins 

I prefer to use ham instead of sausage. Sometimes I add in spinach.  Just make a batch on Saturday and freeze them. Pop a couple out each morning, microwave, and enjoy a protein filled breakfast. These keep me satisfied until lunchtime!


Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins

Pumpkin?? It’s not even September or October!! These little yummies are delicious. I first had them when a lady named Pam brought them for church set-up on a Sunday morning back in the fall. So good. These freeze well, too!


Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yeah-baby. Mint chip has always been my favorite ice cream flavor, so these treats hit a home run.  Now, the Murrys have a lot of Young Living Oils, so I used Peppermint Oil instead of the mint extract. They tasted delicious, and I felt healthier while eating them. Winning.


Pecan Sour Cream Coffee Cake

This one was perfect. You can divide it into two pans and make you friends happy by sharing. Breakfast delight

Recipe Helper

Do y’all know about Plain Chicken???

It is a food blog written by a Southern girl…from Alabama. She has delicious recipes for main dishes, sides, and desserts, and you can sign up for a weekly meal planning email from her. For my friends who love their RANCH, she lists several recipes with your favorite ingredient…Ranch Mashed Potatoes, BBQ Ranch Popcorn, Ranch Green Beans, Chicken Ranch Enchiladas, Taco Ranch Chicken. You get the idea.

Andy Pandy Had a Birthday!

We started celebrating on a Tuesday and kept up the fun until Sunday night. Andy had two birthday cakes – one with our Vertical Community and one with some Alabama and Kansas friends. He got his free Venti White Chocolate Mocha with a shot of Toffee Nut from Starbucks, along with many other free treats you can find here: Birthday Freebies

We had snow. The Southerlands came for a visit bringing treats. Southwest Airlines delivered the Merediths to KC for a few days, and we had Joe’s BBQ for dinner, followed by homemade ice cream from Sylas and Maddy’s. I think he felt the birthday love.


The Merediths Came to Kansas

Oh, how we love Jason, Robyn, Morgan, and Corbin!  They have been friends since 2006, when we first moved to Birmingham. We all have Mississippi roots (although they cheered for the wrong team), and they were quick to embrace and welcome us.  They have supported us in so many ways in our Kansas adventures, and we were thrilled they were able to be a part of worship at Vertical on Sunday and see some of the best of the city. Their visit was like a balm to the soul. Come back soon….there is more to do and see and EAT!





Rob Lowe

I follow a few celebrities on Instagram. One is Rob Lowe. He posts things like this:


Mighty Max

Sweet Brenda works part-time at the Three Dog Bakery, and she likes to bring fun treats to Max on V-Comm nights. He LOVES her back. During our discussion time, you can usually find Max lying upside down while Brenda rubs his belly. He has no shame.


Puppy Therapy

We have loved getting to know Amanda from Tonganoxie. Through Amanda, we have enjoyed becoming more acquainted with her BFFs, Ashlee and John. Well, this couple has a pair of Great Pyrenees, named Milo and Rilee. Rilee recently had 8 puppies. Before they all found their forever homes, I dragged Andy Murry out to the country for some puppy therapy. He did not want to leave. I highly recommend this type of treatment for anything that ails ya’.



Granny’s Shoes and Purse

In the last couple of years, Mom and Dad, Uncle Bobby, Aunt Lynn, and Neecie (my aunt) have transitioned my sweet grandmother Sarah from Louisiana to Hattiesburg, MS. She is now living it up in an assisted living home, and we are ever-so-thankful. The parentals and aunts and uncle were tasked with cleaning out Granny and Grandad’s home which was filled with years of memories and stuff. Whew- they worked hard for weeks. Mom saved some things to pass along to me…like this purse and pair of shoes. Evidently, Grandaddy bought these for Granny in 1945…I think when he was serving in the Merchant Marines. These came from Venezuela. Sassy, just like Gran.

The Locket

Aunt Lynn went through all of Granny’s costume jewelry and kindly sent some my way a while back. I recently was moving all of the Granny stuff into one location and opened up one of the bags Lynn sent and came across this locket.


I wondered whose picture might be inside. I am the oldest grandchild on that side of the family, so I suspected it might be me (plus Aunt Lynn had a reason in mailing it to me).  Then I thought it could be a picture of all of the 6 grandchildren. It crossed my mind that Grandaddy’s picture could be inside. So, I opened it…

On the top half….


you have little Kristi.

And on the bottom half….


there is Elvis…in his jumpsuit…with a lei…from his Aloha from Hawaii concert. Granny loved some Elvis. Glad I made the cut to share a locket with the King.

That’s all, folks!!

Let us know how y’all are! Come see us or holler when you are passing through. We would LOVE to see you.

Thank ya’, thankyaverymuch.





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