Word to My Mother

I surely do love my mother, and I bet you do, too.

You know, I have a pet peeve related to social media. Besides the fact that there is an epidemic of  the inability to correctly use Your vs You’re,  there is a little trend that bugs me more than poor grammar. I cringe when ever I read “My mom is better than yours!” or the “My Mom>Your Mom” nonsense that people post on Facebook and Instagram.

Why must we compare? Why can’t we celebrate our mothers without indicating that someone else’s mother is somehow “less than”? Come on, people! There are tons of great moms out there.

I truly believe my good, good Heavenly Father gave me the best mom for me. She must have needed a strong-willed, opinionated red-head, and I definitely needed her. So, I would like to take this “blogger-tunity” to tell you a few reasons why Momma Sue should be celebrated.


How does she love me? Let me count the ways…

She birthed me and reared me. (You “raise” cattle; you “rear” children.) Sometimes that meant tearing up my “rear” verbally or physically. I recall that she and I had to pray together after she had spanked me. I don’t even remember the spanking. I just remember sticking out my tongue at her while her head was bowed and eyes were closed as she was talking to Jesus.

She taught me about Jesus and took me to church to make sure I could hear more about Him. Best gift ever!

She taught me to cook good Southern food, to be hospitable, and to take food to the sick, the homebound, and the grieving. Pecan pie, Chicken Rotel, lasagna, chicken strips, fudge,  chocolate chip cookies with pecans, strawberry pie, homemade rolls. Yes, please.

She has always loved my friends and welcomed them into her home. It’s so fun when your parents and your friends enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes they even talk to each other without me knowing it!

How do I love her? Let me count the ways….

She has demonstrated faithfulness to the Lord, to her husband, and to her family as long as I have known her. There may have been days when she wanted to bolt, but she stayed. I remember thinking she might not come back from the grocery store one day when I was 4 or 5 because I had been so bad. So thankful she did!

She has perfectly fulfilled the roles Sue to friends and family;  Ms. Sue to many children she has taught over the years;  Aunt Sue to loads of nieces, nephews, great-nieces, great-nephews, and many of their spouses; Granny to Emily and Adam;  and Susie to her parents.

She has “mothered” more than just Greg and myself. She has nurtured and loved on other grown men and women who lost their mothers too early. Some are Greg’s friends. Some are my friends. One is my husband. I have seen the way the Lord weaves together lives of those who have experienced loss, and it is beautiful. I have seen Him place parents who have lost a son in the lives of sons who have lost a mother or father. The result is only something God could do…family grows beyond DNA and hearts don’t hurt so much.

She has demonstrated elegant grace and poise through both joy and grief. She has buried a father and a son, and she still got up on the day after to walk with Jesus.

She is beautiful, fun, witty, punny, thoughtful, patient, and sweet. She doesn’t complain when she could.


I Remember Momma…

When she jumped into the neighbor’s pool with all of her clothes on.

When I told her I was running away and headed down the street with my pink baby buggy, a doll, a pillow and a blanket…then decided to return…and went into the kitchen… and noticed that she had not set me a place at the table. Guess she believed me.

When her parents, her siblings, their children, and our whole family were together for her birthday at Don Pablo’s in Memphis. A man was making balloon animals in the restaurant. I think Grandaddy, Uncle Bobby, and Dad all paid the man separately (without each one knowing) for a balloon hat for the birthday girl. She liked it. It was expensive.

When she and Dad took us on an Alaskan cruise. We had high tea and explored the state. Lovely.

When she purchased yards of silk, tea-dyed it in the bathtub, and made my wedding dress by hand. Labor of love.

When she sent a care package full of mustaches, party supplies, and a cake with Mrs. Young because I was away at a student council conference with Stacy, Chantal, and Miki on my birthday my senior year of high school.


Words I Use To Describe….Mom














Momma Sue is MY best mom. If you know her, you are blessed. If you don’t, I can arrange a meeting.

I used to be so sad when I was younger that I didn’t look more like her…beautiful face, dark eyelashes, straight teeth, skin that tanned. However, even if I don’t physically favor her, I surely hope I look like her every year…because she looks like Jesus to me.


Hope you have a chance to hug your mother or mother-figure in your life pretty soon. Hope you are thankful for the mothers of others who also loved you. They kinda rock. I KNOW mine does. I am sure yours does, too.






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