The Twelve Days of Kristi- What???

I have been blessed with some of the BEST friends in the world. Seriously.

Ya’ know, it is not as hard to maintain long-distance friendships now that we have social media, but you still have to make an effort. I am so THANKFUL for my out of town friendlies who take the time to call, text, FaceTime, email, and send mail to keep up with me. Mail is my FAVORITE! And….CARE PACKAGES send me over the cliff on the love train!

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I opened the front door, looked down on the steps, and found a huge brown paper package (not wrapped in string, but it is still one of my favorite things).  It was from my dear friend, April…


We met in Alabama. She’s loads of fun and I love her.

What a TOTAL SURPRISE! I immediately picked up the phone and called her. After thanking her profusely and expressing great delight, I opened the box while she was on the phone. After opening it upside down and finding lots of bubble wrap, April told me to flip it over. Here is what was inside….IMG_4971Now you tell me…how fun is she? Look at all the trouble she went to…for little ol’ me!!

This is what was under the letter…IMG_4972

Here they are…IMG_4973

Because April took such time and care and creativity preparing this for me, I just HAD to share it with you all. Who knows? You may want to do the same thing for someone next year. SO MUCH FUN to open presents every day for 12 days IN A ROW!

Here we go….

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true friend April sent to me…

Amazing Hand Warmers,

Rolls Full of Laughter,

Diverse Cans of Pringles (Michael Jackson would be so proud),

Cutesy Christmas Notepads (have you EVER seen an UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER notepad???),

Eight Deluxe Kisses (What the what?? These things are HUGE!),

Fervent by Priscilla (YES!),

Several Peppermint Goodies (my December Love Language),

Vanilla Noel BEANNNN,

“For” my enjoyment…(BeanBoozled),


Three Pairs of Socks,


A really neat devotional (starting it in January!!),

And….an ornament for my tree!


How cute is that? She must have known I needed some southern up in here.

April didn’t leave my boys out….

Andy got some cookies and candy, and Max received an ornament. They were so excited!


April C., you set the bar…WAY UP HIGH! Friend, thank you for loving me and kicking off my December with so much fun. I pray you will be blessed beyond what you can imagine, and that you will REAP 100x the good you have sown!! XOXO

Now in the midst of all the Twelve Days fun, we started receiving your CHRIST-mas cards! YAY! Did I tell you I LOVE mail?  Thank you for keeping us on your list! We moved from Lenexa to Shawnee back in May/June (rental to purchased home), so if you want our new address, I will gladly give it to you…as long as I know you and you are not a stalker.


Everyone goes on the fridge for now so we can see your happy faces.

In January, Andy and I save the picture cards in the Christmas gift tag tub and are happy to rediscover them (when we are digging for those handy-dandy sticker tags) each December. We are always AMAZED at how much your kids have grown and how much BETTER LOOKING you all get each year. Girl, you know it’s true.

So, please keep them coming. One of these days, the MURRYS will send cards again to all the fabulous people who have keep us on their lists. We just really need a good photo, and it takes A LOT to get one-the struggle is so real.

Well, if all that excitement wasn’t enough, ANOTHER precious friend from Alabama sent me a brown package full of JOY and SUGAR!! Amy H. just rocks. She and David and Kate are some of our favorite peeps.

IMG_5011When Amy asked me for our address a few weeks back, I was so glad to know we were still on her Christmas card list. I had no idea that I was also on the CHRISTMAS CINNAMON SUGARED PECANS list for this year, as well. JINGLE MY BELLS!! You may have also heard them referred to as CRACK PECANS because well, ya’ know, they make you an addict.


Amy also sent a beautiful cross painting that I can’t wait to hang up on a newly painted wall. AMY- thank you for the box of love! It was like a warm, southern hug. 🙂

Y’all- I hope you enjoyed this version of the 12 Days. I know I did. Come on over and I will share some Pringles, peppermint truffles, and CRACK pecans with you. You know you want some now.

Just had to brag on some friends who are AWESOME! I wanna grow up to be like them. : )

Thanks to all of you who keep in touch with us way out here…in the Midwest…in the middle of the country….at least 8 hours away.

Let’s keep the Post Office in business. Let’s write each other letters and send cards….just like in the old days. Or we could just use Messenger on Facebook. 🙂

May you learn the LOVE LANGUAGES of your friends, and may they love you well.

Murry Christmas to you!

Love, love, love,





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