The Three Trees

It’s coming! It’s coming!
CHRIST-mas is coming! So, I thought I would share one of my favorite things related to CHRIST-mas. It’s a book…The Three Trees.


Back in Meridian, Mississippi, somewhere between 1997-2000, I went to one of those traveling book sales that would pop up at our workplace a couple of times a year. I was working as an SLP at Jeff Anderson Regional Medical Center/Anderson Hospital/Anderson Regional Medical Center in those days.


I remember looking at all the fun books/products/gifts that were displayed in one of the extra dining rooms just outside of the cafeteria one day before lunch. That is when I spotted it.

I picked it up and read it and immediately loved the story. Sold!
Around this time, Andy and I were living in an apartment and were planning to build our first home. I was also starting to figure out my likes/dislikes in home décor. We were also slowing buying things each Christmas that we would use to decorate our new house.

I realize that many people use different themes when decorating for the holidays, such as snowmen or Santas. Mama Sue had a teddy bear tree for a few years, and she later went through a tassel stage.  Andy’s mom always used snowmen on her tree.

This hazel eye is drawn to the white snowflakes on a red background. My favorite down binky (you may call it a throw) that I use when sitting on the sofa is that pattern. Andy and I fight over it because it is so warm and cozy. I have a few mugs and bowls that I like to use in December that make me happy because the pattern appeals to me. This is a preferred theme, but only in small doses. 🙂

Red and lime green combos are also favorites of mine:


Well, any-who, each year after Christmas, I hit the half-off sales and bought ornaments and ribbon for the next year. I slowly amassed so much that I had a few schemes with which to work.  Over the years, some of our trees have been all silver…

Of course, this is not mine, but it had a similar look.

Or all gold…

Not mine, but you can see the gold effects.


or all bronze.

Love the bronzy/brown look.

Now,  I am not a fan of “Cutesy Christmas”. I know many people who are. There is nothing wrong with that. I just prefer to decorate with color, shapes, Nativity figures, etc. So, as a result of THE THREE TREES (how about we use TTT from now on out?), I had found MY theme. I started buying up decorative tree trios wherever I could find them. They are EVERYWHERE, and I think of the book every time I see them.

Flash forward to 2015, and I have several in the collection…(btw-these ARE all mine).


I also just now look for trees, so these friends stand alone, without two brothers.  Still like them, though!

Mama Sue and I got all “Pinteresty” a few years back, and this was the result:

At least it is not a Pinterest FAIL.

A few years ago, my friend Angie asked me to share with a group of women about TTT. I was able to display some of my TTTT (THE THREE TREE TRIOS), and read the book. Then some of my friends bought the book for their sweet children to read every Christmas. My heart swells at the thought!

The story of TTT just speaks to me because it helps remind me that God has a plan. It also reiterates the fact that we all have purpose, though some may have not yet discovered it yet. I love how the story shows how dreams (often times-God-given) can lead us to a divine destiny we never imagined.
I totally want to be like one of those trees- pointing others to God, who loves them so.

If I could, I would buy ALL of you a copy! I would pass them out to school children and to newborns in the nursery. The simple message is just one of my favorites. I hope you will like it, too. 🙂

Just a little edu-ma-cation for you! The more you know…

A few years back I researched the Rule of Three in literature. Take a sec…how many stories have a significant “three” somewhere in it….The Three Bears; The Three Little Pigs; Gold, Frankincense , and Myrrh; The Ghost of Christmas Past, The Ghost of Christmas Present, The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; The Three Musketeers. I bet you could think of 10 more.

Our brains hold on to THREE- it is a divine number. It is used throughout Scripture. It’s a good number. ANOTHER reason to like this book. I am telling ya’, people!

So, I hope I have convinced you to take the time to read or buy TTT this season. Give it as a gift. Sit around the fire or tree and read it to some young’uns.
Buy a TTT or go onto Pinterest and make your own Three Trees project. There are several pinned on my TTT board. Feel free to take a look. Here are a few that are out there….

Whenever you see three trees together, I hope your brain remembers the story. It’s a good one. Thanks for letting me share it with you.

I would love to hear about your favorite Christ-mas books! For reals!


Murry Christ-mas!



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