The Surgery (or as my Grandaddy used to say, “Wanna see my scar?”)

Wow! Missed you, blog. Missed you friends who read! Ha! Many adventures have been drawing the Murrys away. Let’s play “Catch-Up”!


Back on March 25, I had a little surgery. Mama Sue and BG came to help out. Andy bought me this in preparation…


He was so thoughtful. Our bed is tall, and I had feared how I was going to climb up into the bed to rest post-surgery as my abdomen would be healing. It was the perfect gift- that Andy Pandy. 🙂

So, I had shared the news about my upcoming surgery with many of my dearest friends, and I had texted the details and a request for prayer. I had shared the info with my small discipleship group, a few others at church, and a few work friends. Andy asked me to share with our Vertical Community group a couple of weeks before, even though I had not planned to do so because it is a great group of women and MEN. Blake had kindly offered to have the church lay hands on and pray for me; however, I tried to graciously decline. I certainly did not plan to advertise the event on social media, BUT Andy Murry coyly did so with pictures of my parents on iPads and a comment about us being in the pre-op waiting room.

Notice my green bedazzled ear buds I let Dad borrow. I kept laughing at him, and he asked why I didn’t give those to Mama Sue. I just gave her the first ones I found, and then he needed some.


He kinda opened a can of worms with that. I daily shake my head at those who OVERSHARE on Facebook, and I did not want people shaking their heads at me. So….I will just share it all here on my BLOG! Ha!

Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe in the power of prayer and am so thankful for those who called, texted, or asked about me. The thing that held me back from sharing more was one word: UTERUS!


It is not a pretty word. It makes men uncomfortable. It makes children ask questions. I think teenage boys cover their ears and run away when they hear the word. It is a little taboo. U-TER-US. (Latin for belly or womb). What a strange word. Not one you want to use in your Facebook status. I try to avoid it in mixed company (except when Andy asks me to share with our Vertical Community).

So, basically, I had a benign tumor called a fibroid growing in my U-TER-US. It had been growing for years. It did not cause pain, but it did cause other problems that prevented me from doing some things. I had learned to live with it. However, it had grown so large by last April that I felt as though I were lying on a tennis ball when I was on my stomach. Time to get it out. I am so thankful for how the Lord guided me to the great hospital and doctor who would attempt to perform a myomectomy (fibroid removal) in the least invasive way possible.

How crazy would it be if 3 (THREE) of your friends from your Vertical Community Group of less than 16 people worked at the place where you were having your surgery? CRAZY! The Lord knew that would happen. The night before the BIG EVENT, these friends passed along some good advice.
WORD TO THE WISE: This is good stuff if you ever have to have surgery:
1-Stay up as late as you can the night before your surgery. (This was great because I was so tired the next day, I was chill and relaxed and not even nervous.)
2-If you have orders to be NPO (no food or drink) after midnight before surgery, (which I had), then eat and drink and be merry ALL the way up until 11:59 pm. Whoop! I ate candy and cereal and junk every 15-30 minutes and had a fun time. I was SO glad I followed this rule because my 10 am hospital arrival time extended to a 4 pm “finally going to surgery” time. JINGLE BELLS! The lack of sleep also helped me not care so much about being hungry.


God knew that I would go to The University of Kansas Medical Center and that Ashley, who is a medical assistant there, would pop over into the first waiting room. She was such an encourager with her words and her high praise for the surgery pre-op team. She introduced us to some of the other staff, and we kinda felt special. Then Courtney came out. She had prepared the way for me. I totally felt like a VIP. She set me up with the best nurses (of which she is one) and kept checking on me. She asked Marley to put in my IV, and she had the reputation of being the best. My long wait outlasted Court’s shift, and she went on home, but not before praying with us. Finally Becca came to see me. Her sweet smile and hugs and words just made me feel extra-loved. She is also a nurse on the pre- and post -surgery unit. Surely I won the “Most Popular Patient of the Day” award- at least I did in my mind.

Bless Sue, BG and Andy and their hearts. They ate Panera breakfast around 8:30 am, and I watched. Just kidding, I smelled and watched and drooled. Then we headed to the hospital. Parking was a bear, but we arrived at 9:50 am, ahead of our scheduled time. Yay for us! Then we waited. Waited, and waited a lot more. This is what happens when you have a fabulous, brilliant doctor who is skilled and precise. She had other people to tend to before me, and she was consulted on a couple of other surgeries, as well.  I encouraged Andy to go home to check on Max around 3:30 pm because he probably needed to go outside. Not too long after Andy left, the doc came in to tell me she was ready. Then when he returned, my people finally got to go eat lunch in the hospital cafeteria close to 5 pm. Bless their bones!

So around 4 pm or 4:30 pm, Rocky, the fun dude from anesthesiology came in to give me some drugs in my IV. That is ALL I remember. LIGHTS OUT! The good stuff.

Apparently, the DaVinci robot and my doc did a number on me. Here are some pictures of this grand machine…

Unknown Unknown-1

We were told that I would be hanging upside down by my ankles during surgery. Not really, but I would be positioned with my head down on a 40* angle. They had to pump my abdomen full of air and tilt my organs out of the way to get at the U-TER-US. They took pictures and found the monster that lived within. The next picture is not for the squeamish. Here ya’ go…


This 640 gram alien was in what should have been an 80 gram U-TER-US. That measures close to 2 pounds by the way. Instant weight loss- ba-bye! Boy, was it stretched out. The doc said my fibroid was in the running for one of the largest she has ever removed laproscopically. That’s me- all about breaking records, ya’ know. Apparently, the surgery took around 6 hours. JINGLE BELLS! They told my family not to let me look in the mirror after surgery because my face would be so swollen from hanging upside down for so long. Have I ever shown you my “Chubby” face?


Kinda like that.

The doc also told Andy I lost a lot of blood during surgery. Darn blood-sucking parasite. The doc later told me it would take about 3 months for my body to replace the amount I lost. Fun medical facts. So, guess I am a pint or two low. 🙂

When I woke up, a sweet pregnant nurse named Jessica was talking to me. She knew Courtney! Jessica let me know that Dr. Swan was successful in using laproscopy rather than cutting my belly. Hallelujer! It was almost 11 pm. Then I closed my eyes. When I opened them, Jessica was gone, and a new nurse was talking to me. It was after 11 pm. Shift change! Lots of blurry memories. Mom, Dad, and Andy came to see me. Once again, the eyes closedI closed, and when I opened them again, I was in a room. Mom and Andy came to tell me that because I was in a semi-private room, they had to leave. I was so glad they were all going home to rest in beds of their own. Nighty-night.

I have been overwhelmed by love. Thank you to so many for your prayers, texts, calls, Facebook messages, cards, flowers, gifts, and food. Yes, the food. Yum.

IMG_4127 IMG_4159 IMG_4126 IMG_4125 IMG_4124 11149505_10153129916270465_1791205350953663743_n11102616_10206281375017274_4044494905672020926_n


I had some. They were legal, and they were good. All gone. 🙂



Seriously, it was very hard to let others take care of me. Being drugged helped. Mom and Dad and Andy were awesome! I had some physical restrictions and am still not supposed to lift anything that is heavier that a gallon of milk until May 25. I  am a rule bender, though. 🙂  I am so thankful to be on this side of the whole experience. All of my internal organs are now operating at full capacity! Whoop. I only have 5 small scars on my belly, but I won’t post any pictures of them here. That would be too much information…as if! 🙂  I will just wait and show you in person! Ha! Just kidding. I will only show you if you are a female. Wink.

Thanks for reading about my latest life adventure. You still there?…Anyone?… Bueller?


4 thoughts on “The Surgery (or as my Grandaddy used to say, “Wanna see my scar?”)

  1. Kristie
    I wondered what was going on. Love you girl. Glad all is well.
    I just returned from San Jose Ca. Went out to train on the DaVenci robot. It is an AMAZING machine

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