70 Things I Learned from a 70 Year Old

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Now, today is BG’s birthday. That’s my dad. He has been around 70 years, which is quite a big deal. We are all so thankful that he is here, happy, healthy, and able to enjoy retirement! Many hard-workin’ men do not live long enough to enjoy the time and resources they have been blessed to earn. So, to celebrate his BIG day, I would like to share some things I have learned in the 40 something years I have known him! Am shooting for 70 things I have learned from a 70 year old, and I hope you stick around to read it. If you know BG, these make a lot of sense.

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Here is my list of “70 Things I have Learned from a 70 Year Old”:


Always put your hand over your heart when the national anthem is played. Better take off your hat if you are a boy. If you don’t, BG will remind you!

How to drive a stick shift. I am proud to know even though it took some tears and embarrassment of stalling in traffic.

Respect your mother.

Say” yes ma’am” and “no sir”.

You stay until the end of the ballgame whether your team is winning or losing. Example: See OLE MISS for the last few…decades. Being a Rebel fan is an emotional roller coaster.

Super cold chocolate milk is the best. The back of the refrigerator makes this happen.

Homemade chocolate chip cookies need pecans. Sue makes this happen.

Being on time is late. I get this. Opposites attract, which is why I married Andy Murry.

You write your tithe check out on the Saturday night before church.

You should eat Mexican food once a week. Our blood needs chips and salsa and queso to operate at full capacity.

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Salsa and queso mixed together is the way to go.

Florida beaches are the best for a vacation.

Some things you can DIY, but some things need to be hired out…like plumbing.

It’s okay if the hot and cold water comes out the opposite way after you tinker with it. You get used to it. (See Above).

You can always find something you need on a late night run to Walmart or an early bird run to Sam’s.

You can make pretty good BBQ out of some old metal bathtubs. Award winning with some trophies to prove it!

Elvis music transcends time. You have to stop and turn up the radio, nod your head, and sing along when “American Trilogy” comes on.

Always put the toilet seat down if ladies live in the house. Thankyouverymuch.

Fried bologna sandwiches with Duke’s mayonnaise =goodness.

Duke’s mayonnaise is the best.

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Tomato sandwiches + Duke’s= heaven.

BLT + Duke’s= paradise. Take me there!

Turn off lights when you leave the room to save money.

Best summer meal ever is fresh tomatoes with Duke’s mayo, squash, fried okra, pink-eyed purple hull peas, and cornbread.

Pot liquor is the best part of peas and cornbread.

Dads buy everyone something for Valentine’s day. Moms get flowers, and the kids get candy. Dads also buy and sign cards for everyone.

Diet Dr. Pepper works better than most indigestion medication. Burp!

If you make all A’s in elementary school, you get $100 in $1 bills at the beginning of the summer to spend. Such a fun memory.

There is a Nike Santa Claus.

The soundtracks to Grease and Saturday Night Fever are classics.

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If you sit on the right side backseat and you fight with your little brother, Dad can’t reach you when he is driving to pop you on the leg.

You don’t always get a spanking “when we get home”.

Old men still got game and can shoot some B-ball.

You can still enjoy a great Ole Miss football game on Saturday and get up for church on Sunday morning.

Some of the best BBQ sauce has a secret recipe and is made in your kitchen. I have inherited the recipe. It’s in a vault. Just kidding. Or not.

Mama Sue’s Christmas fudge is the best, and you only get it once a year.

Hot chocolate with a little hit of butterscotch Schnapps isn’t too bad.

You work hard until the job is done.

Evidently, I have learned a great deal about food from my father.

Your father always calls you first thing in the morning on your birthday to wish you well and ask you how old you are. Doesn’t everyone’s dad do this?

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Vacuuming leaves with your Cyclone Rake is way better than raking. Just call him Tom Sawyer because everyone wants to take a turn.

You must fill your tea glass full of ice so it touches your nose when you drink.

Sweet tea with a little lemonade makes it just right.

Having steak for Christmas dinner is our new family tradition.

Once you go deep fried with your turkey, you never go back.

Harbor Freight is a fun place to tootle and get freebies.

Win or lose, tailgating at the South Circle at Ole Miss makes for a fun day.

You take your kids to church; you don’t “send” them. Dads going with children makes it stick.

Don’t smoke. Life is too short for lung cancer. (A few puffs on a “Victory Cigar” after Ole Miss victories are okay).

A little red wine at night keeps the kidney stones away, for the most part.



You can never have enough tools. Or replacements for tools. Or extra tools. See big yellow shop behind the house.

You might be a redneck if you have a Nike store in the back shop and a refrigerated cooler plugged into the outlet at the base of your tree in the front yard on the Fourth of July.

Once you are invited to the Smith Fourth of July celebration, you are always invited. Except, we no longer have those anymore.

Some hair just curls even more when the humidity is high or when it rains. Wear a hat.

When you eat ribs, you only wipe your face with a napkin at the end of a meal. Other attempts are just wasting time.

You must warn people that you are about to sneeze in the car and roll down the window to protect their ears from the noise. I have inherited the loud sneeze.

Harley, Harley, Harley is what you buy for yourself when you retire.

Dads tell you they love you.

A dad stays with your mom and takes care of her and you and your brother.

One can never have too many items of clothing with “Ole Miss” embroidered somewhere on it.

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If you pick your seat, you must be going to the movies.

Parents are very happy when they are financially free of their adult children. Hey, it happened at 23 for me – not too bad.

His grandchildren are the best around.

Old people have a hard time with new technology. Keep trying, Dad. Buy that iPhone!

Great TV= Three Stooges, John Wayne, and Elvis movies.

You can get some Zzzzzs in your sub zero sleeping bag in the back of a covered pick-up truck to protect your spot at the South Circle at Ole Miss.

Be friendly and talk to people. Seems like everywhere we went in other states and out of the country, BG found someone he knew.

Be confident. BG has never lacked in self-confidence, from what I saw. So now I pretend, even if I don’t feel it!

Old men can jump. Just come watch the mosh pit at Rebel Alley on game day.

The South is the best place to live- warts and all. I value my Southern upbringing and heritage.

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Happy birthday, Dad! Thanks for all you taught me. I use this knowledge every day.  Hope this year is full of wonderful, new things.



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