My Name is Not Martha, But Here Are a Few Good Things

Hello, People!  Hope this finds you well and warm. We Murrys have been hunkering down in this Kansas cold. Whenever I check out the weather map, I usually wonder what is happening in the South. Y’all have been battling the ice, the snow, and plummeting temps! Bless your hearts! Come on, Spring!

For some reason, my cell phone and our home phone still receive School Cast calls whenever the Pleasant Grove, Alabama schools get out early or have delayed starts. Cracks me up because I don’t get to leave early now that I work in a hearing and clinic even though Dr. Morris is telling me I can go home. Anyway, happy for you peeps who do get to have a short work day.

Since I last chatted with you, I have been gathering a mental list of things that are helping me make it through this Kansas winter (which I am told, has been quite mild).  Thought I would share with some of my closest friends – you! Hope you find one or two you can use.

Here we go….

The Puffy Coat


I totally love my silver, puffy coat. These darlings started appearing in stores here in Kansas in September. It is full of down, and it has a bag attached on the inside so you can stuff it into a small bundle to pack or stick in your purse. Lots of people wear puffy coats here. Older people, littles, and everyone in between. Fabulous at keeping me warm! Andy Pandy has a blue one. We also bought puffy vests, and they rock around the clock.


Unknown-1 Unknown

These delicious butter cookies have been served on our Guest Services table at Vertical Church since December. Delish! Costco carries them, and they are the perfect partner to a warm beverage. Our team and guests rave about them. Do yourself a favor, and try one!

Perfume Sampler

photo 1photo 2

Now, I haven’t worn a fragrance in a long while. When I first started working in healthcare, we weren’t allowed to wear it at the hospital as it could make some of our sick patients nauseated. So, I got out of the habit. Occasionally, I would spray a scent on my wrist to see how I liked it. Yuck! My chemical make-up must be wanky, because everything smelled different on me than in the bottle. I asked for this gift for Christmas, and Andy complied! You get 11 fragrances to try out, and when you pick your favorite, you take your voucher back to Sephora for a full sized bottle. Love this! I have narrowed my choices to Burberry Brit, Prada Candy, Gucci Flora, and Versace Bright Crystal. Now, I would NEVER have tried these as I haven’t heard of them before. Anyway, this “Good Thing” is making me smell better. 🙂

Krispy Kreme


Every Sunday, I have the privilege of picking up Panera coffee and Krispy Kreme donuts for our hard-working team as they unload the trailer, move cabinets, set up the worship center, and set up the children’s areas. Every Sunday around 7 am, the “HOT NOW” light is on. Every Sunday, the friendly employees ask me if I want a free sample. Of course I do! Then they hand me a hot, fresh donut. I asked them if anyone ever told them “no”. Sometimes,  they don’t even ask. They just turn around and grab a fresh one with that wax tissue paper and hand it over. Krispy Kreme in Merriam, Kansas is my favorite!

Noodle Head 

photo 3images-2

Calling all curly-heads! My hair stylist shared this product with me. It is lower in cost and works very well. Believe me, I have tried MANY curl enhancing products over the years. You can find these babies at Sally’s Beauty Supply. If it doesn’t work for you…at least you aren’t out 35 bucks. Good stuff!

Snow Boots


These are warm and cuddly on your feet. They prevent snow from touching your toes. They have been awesome. I used to order bathing suits from Lands’ End. Now I order snow boots. Times- they have a’changed.


photo 1-1

My friend Amy, sent these to me. Precious! So cute. Functional because of the SmarTouch technology. Love them and her!

Scarf & My Aunt Lynn

photo 2-1

I received this sweet package from my Aunt Lynn in the mail a little while back. LOVE it! I am not sure if she made it, but I would not be surprised if she did. She made these awesome baskets and gourds that I have all around my house.

photo 3-1photo 2-2 photo 3-2

Handmade! Beautiful.  All from Hattiesburg, Mississippi and a lady I love so.

Space Heaters in the Bathroom 


Soup Mixes


My friend, Angie brought these soup mixes when she came to visit last month. So excited about these easy, yummy dinners to come. Whoop! I think you Southerners can purchase them in your area.

Butter Chicken


So my D-Group and I recently met at an Indian restaurant. I have only tried Indian food twice before with Brett and Lindsay. The first time, they ordered several items, and we ate “family style”. The next time, we tried the lunch buffet. So, when I had to actually order something on my own, I crammed. Asked some friends at work, and several recommended Butter Chicken. It did not disappoint! However, our whole experience was interesting. The owner was very nice, but he kept sending over things we did not order. Like the mango lassi, the chai tea, the donut hole swimming in some kind of cream, and the ice cream wedge on a stick. We ended up with a little bit higher bill than anticipated, but it was fun! I hear that Target sells a Butter Chicken sauce that is yummy, if you wanna try it!

Days that are above 40 degrees

No explanation needed.


Unknown-1 images

Yum! Burgers just the way you like it- with grilled onions, of course. Skinny fries. Fry sauce and fry seasoning. Frozen custard. Come see me, and we will go try it!

Well, thanks for reading and checking in on us! Hope the remainder of your February is fabulous. Please let me know about some of the Good Things you are doing, using, eating, etc. We always love to hear from you!


4 thoughts on “My Name is Not Martha, But Here Are a Few Good Things

  1. I always love to hear you descriptions of ANYTHING! You make my least favorite season seem fun! How I miss your precious smile, encouraging word and your wonderful gift of hospitality wherever you go! Prayers for you and Andy and the entire Vertical Church team! We love you!

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