Mama Sue, I Ate the Whole Thing… and Other Happenings

Nordstrom Cafe

It all started a few weeks ago when I was placed in a Discipleship Group with Vertical Church. This group of ladies met at Nordstrom Cafe.  Have you ever been there?  Ohmygoodness!

photo 1photo 2

Hello, Frou-Frou, I love you.  Girl food. (Not really. Andy and other men have eaten here.)

Pastas. Sandwiches. Salads. Paninis. Pizzas. Cookies. Tiramisu. Creme Brûlée.

Creme Brûlée.  A fluted dish of yumminess.

My mother loves Creme Brûlée. In fact, she introduced it to me. Train up a child and all that…thanks, Mom!

Mindy introduced this place to me back in March when we were house hunting. The Chicken Caesar Salad and Tomato Basil soup were delish.

Andy and I ate with Blake and Mindy and their boys once after church, and I had the Chicken Artichoke Pasta. So delectable. Blake and Mindy shared their Tiramisu. So great-and I don’t even like Tiramisu.

I didn’t know about the Creme Brûlée until the first ladies D-Group. I was watching Shelly as she ate it. I decided I needed to try it.

Well, our D-Group has since multiplied into three groups, but our group decided to continue meeting at Nordstrom Cafe.

So, two weeks later at the next meeting, I ordered the Chinese Chicken Salad.  The food servers make it fresh right in front of you. As I paid for my meal, the lady up front put my dessert order into the kitchen.

photo 3

I was half way through my salad when the server brought it out.

photo 1

I stopped eating my salad, and then I ate the WHOLE thing. By myself. Even though it was big enough to share. Even though the waitress brought out three spoons so I COULD share with the other two ladies in my D-Group. I did offer, and they declined. Maybe they saw the ravenous look in my eyes. Maybe I wasn’t effusive in my invitation to try a bite. Whatever. Notice the other unused spoons in the photo.

So…if you ever have an opportunity to visit a Nordstrom Cafe, please GO!  I plan to take my sweet mom when she comes back to visit. Two Creme Brûlées please. If you come see me, I will take you there!

On the way in and out of the Cafe, you see this display:

photo 2

Let me know if you need me to mail you a jar or seven for Christmas presents…or Thanksgiving dinner….or Labor Day. All you do is add cream. Mmmmmmm.


In other news….

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is just awesome. Nashville, Atlanta, San Francisco are cities where we have visited this store before. We were always visiting for the day or were on vacation, so we couldn’t take full advantage of the perishable items. So glad there is one in KC. Here are some reasons why…


They also have Cookie Butter. Right near the Almond Butter and Peanut Butter.

Cookie Butter has NO nutritional value. It is Christmas in a jar.


Good grief.



We went to Lenexa’s 4th of July parade. I was not close enough to get any candy, but it was fun. There was a guy on a skating board being pulled by a boat.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3



We are loving some BLTs here in KC. Went to the Merriam Farmer’s Market and bought some Missouri tomatoes the other day.  Are you particular about your BLT?  We are…like the wheat bread should be toasted; the lettuce should be leafy green; the bacon rests on the bread while the tomatoes go on the other side with salt and pepper. The lettuce goes in the middle. .However, we LOVE some Duke’s mayonnaise. I drove out here with 2 jars the first week of June. They don’t sell Duke’s here.

One down.

photo 1

One to go.  Opened the second jar this week.

photo 2

Please send Duke’s. Just kidding. Kinda



Blake and Mindy watched an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives last week. They invited us to brunch at one of the featured restaurants, Succotash.

photo 1 photo 4

Fun place. Andy and Blake each had the Slow Roasted Pork Hash -w/ two sunny side up eggs, cheddar, black beans, verde & a warm tortilla. 

It looked like this.

photo 3

They were pleased.

I had the Swedish Pancakes – buttery crepe-like pancakes filled with ligonberries, served with eggs and bacon.

photo 2

Ding-a-ling! What’s a ligonberry?

Mindy had the Peachy Swedes (Swedish pancakes filled with ricotta and ginger-infused peaches), but I did not get a picture. They were beautiful and tasty!


Cooking with Kristi

I made the Pioneer Woman’s Coconut Curry Shrimp- and we have a winner! Easier than I thought, and it gets tastier the next day. I highly recommend it!



Pie Crust

I like to make pies, but I can never make a pretty crust. Found this “Good Thing” in Martha’s magazine this month. Love it! Almost foolproof. Will try this soon. What is your favorite kind of pie?

photo 1 photo 2


April Clayton

If you do not follow April Clayton on Facebook, you really oughta! She makes me laugh almost every day.  Here is a sample of why…

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3



Anyway…thanks for checking in and reading. Hope you learned something new and helpful. Please drop us an email or FB message and let us know how you people are doing. We love and miss you bunches!








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